Last year, the GroGuru team installed our first generation soil data monitoring system on Mr. Mike Nielsens almond farm. Throughout the year, we anxiously awaited hearing the different ways how our product had impacted Mr. Nielsens growing season. The results were the best we could have expected. Testimonial below:

  • You improved yield from 1700 lbs/acre last year to 2100 lbs/year in 2018? What were your average yields in 2016, 2015.. previous years?


“My 2018 almond production was the best ever on the Caboose ranch.   We harvested 2059 lbs/ac.   Our almond production has fluctuated greatly over the last few years it ranged from 1090 lbs/ac in 2015 to 1926 lbs/ac in 2012.   In 2016 we produced 1230 lbs/ac.  and in 2017 we produced 1650 lbs/ac.   I attribute most of the success this last year to better water management many thanks to Groguru.   It was good to be over 2000 lbs. this last year and I look forward to see what the coming years will bring.”


  • How was the quality of the Almonds in 2018 vs 2017?


“The trees definitely responded and grew very well this last year.   In fact one day I was spraying on the ranch and a farmer who said he lived in the area actually stopped and asked what I was doing differently to the orchard?    It was nice to see that others were noticing the differences besides me.    The nut quality was excellent as usual but the increased growth is what was noticed.   If nuts fill in in the additional tree growth, 2019 should be an even better year.”


  • The yield increase should have translated to more than $1200/acre this year and if yes, you’re a happy camper.
    What was your power usage 2018 vs 2017 and previous years?


“I originally added Groguru to the field to “save” water but what I noticed was I was actually under-irrigating the field. Even though I did use more water over the growing season I would imagine with the management help of Groguru my overall PG&E cost did not reflect the increase. With proper irrigation management it was much easier to irrigate only on off peak hours rather than throughout the day when the costs are higher.”


Overall I am very happy with the addition of Groguru to my fields.    I love the ability I now have to check all my field’s soil moisture right from my phone.    The installation staff is incredible and have been very helpful and easy to work with too.   It has also been so nice to have a Plant Scientist on staff to answer any questions just a phone call away.  Many thanks to Farooq and the whole Groguru team.


Thank you Mr. Nielsen for giving us the feedback that helps us continue to make this company the optimal solution for soil management.

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