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Are you a farmer or grower that is ready to increase yields and maximize profit? Start here by sending us a bit of information and we will follow up shortly with more information regarding ordering.
We will assist you in ordering the GroGuru base and sensors. Once they arrive, you will install them using our simple process. Then, you will be instructed to create an account here on the GroGuru website. Once logged into your account, it will provide you with real time moisture and salinity data, from your phone or computer. The system will also alert you when there are recommendations of what to adjust and by how much.

next steps

Place your order.

Receive your base unit & sensors.

Install with easy instructions.

Benefit and enjoy!

Once you order and receive your base unit and sensors, you will need to install them. Installation is quick and easy, so you will be up and running in no time!

Once your sensors are installed, you will create an online account here on the GroGuru website, and your equipment will begin sending information to your account, which you can access anytime day or night on the computer, or even on your mobile phone from anywhere on the go!

Within your online GroGuru account, you can see salinity levels, fertilizer information, and you will begin to receive recommendations based on the technology and your individual crops.