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Irrigation Monitoring & Management

The GroGuru mission is to help farmers make more money by increasing crop yield and more efficiently using water and other scarce resources like labor, energy and fertilizer, in a more sustainable way. We do this by providing superior decision support tools to farmers, and agronomic consultants for strategic irrigation management.


It’s All About the Roots


• GroGuru monitors soil moisture in the crop root zone remotely and in real time.
• GroGuru applies machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and agronomic principles for strategic irrigation recommendations.
• GroGuru provides an enhanced “root zone” data set combined with other data, like rainfall, applied irrigation, weather forecasts and crop models.

GroGuru ® InSites – Software as a Service


• GroGuru collects data from the root zone of the crop, adds other critical data and applies machine learning and artificial intelligence to determine things like root growth, root depth and available moisture in the soil.
• GroGuru provides guidance on how to apply exactly the right amount of water at exactly the right time.
GroGuru ® InSites presents this information in a simple, intuitive, farmer-friendly user interface that users can access on their mobile phone, tablet or computer.
GroGuru ® InSites works with GroGuru’s own sensors and telemetry, and also works with an impressive group of third-party sensors, including AquaCheck and Sentek.
• GroGuru uses DTN weather forecasts and crop models for 10-day look-ahead forecasts of crop water use.
GroGuru ® InSites delivers nuanced and comprehensive real-time actionable data.
GroGuru ® InSites GPS-based Farm Scale view allows farmers to easily manage multiple probe sites at a glance. Soil moisture levels are intuitively depicted with a “gas gauge” for each site and color-coordinated “pins” showing overall moisture availability on a map.
• An “irrigate by pictures” interface allows users to properly understand and visualize the root zone and soil profile where the crop is growing, displaying multiple levels of data in a way that empowers farmers and agronomic consultants to make actionable decisions quickly.
GroGuru ® InSites crop-specific irrigation templates guide users both before and during the growing season to manage soil moisture conditions in the field. Users can select from the irrigation templates provided, or easily customize them to create their own irrigation management zones.

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GroGuru WUGS – Wireless Underground System for Permanent Installation of Soil Sensors in Annual Field Crops and Alfalfa


• The GroGuru WUGS system is ideal for broad-acre row crops like corn, cotton and soybeans.
• No need for annual installation and removal of soil sensors from the field.
• Install soil sensors during the six-month fallow period when farm labor is more readily available.
• Greater than a five-year battery life for the underground unit!
• Highly scalable with a low total cost of ownership; no annual installation and removal!
• In-field telemetry takes less than a minute to remove or install during seeding or harvest.
• Perfect fit for alfalfa, where farmers can simply drive right over the buried sensors.
• Permanent installation of soil sensors gives year-round data and season-to-season variability.
• Measure winter precipitation and manage pre-season and in-season moisture and irrigation.
• Carry over all the set points and management templates to start next season already ahead.

Watch our YouTube video to learn more about GroGuru WUGS >

    GroGuru FoxLite – When Annual Installation and Removal Makes Sense


    With some crop types, the permanent installation enabled by GroGuru WUGS is not ideal. For example, in root vegetables like potatoes, sugar beets, peanuts and carrots, where the root zone itself is dug up during harvest, GroGuru has a unique solution – an alternative field telemetry system called FoxLite. This unit is directly wired with either Sentek Drill-and-Drop or AquaCheck probe-style sensors. GroGuru ® InSites works with all these hardware solutions and a wide range of third-party telemetry providers, including the Sentek Irrimax Live solution.

      What About Perennial Crop Farming?


      GroGuru has solutions for farmers of permanent or perennial crops, as well. We offer a range of sensor types in both wired and wireless configurations that are perfectly suited to tree and vine crops such as nut trees, citrus and grapes. In all cases, farmers get access to the GroGuru ® InSites SaaS platform and get the most complete set of data and insights for their irrigation management needs.


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