strategic WATER MANAGEMENT FOR commercial FARMers

GroGuru helps farmers increase crop yield while saving water and other scarce resources in a more sustainable way through AI in the Cloud and Continuous Root Zone Monitoring of the crop and the soil.

Introduction to GroGuru’s Continuous Root Zone Monitoring (CRM) Solution

Strategic Water Management Solutions for Farmers

GroGuru provides a service that enables water monitoring and management using continuous root zone monitoring of the crop, and an AI-based recommendation engine in the Cloud.

GroGuru provides its recommendations to farmers and their trusted advisors via an intuitive, farmer-friendly user interface that can be accessed on a computer, tablet or mobile device.

GroGuru enables this solution with its patented Wireless Underground System (WUGS) that allows soil sensors to be permanently installed next to the root zone of the crop. The artificial intelligence, AI, engine blends information from our partners including the as-applied irrigation, rainfall, weather forecast and crop models, along with a marriage of crop science, or agronomy, with data science.

Our focus is to help farmers create a more sustainable planet for our children and grandchildren.

GroGuru Deployments

As of August 2023, GroGuru has deployed its AI-enables SaaS solution in over 200,000 acres across over 300 end customers in the United States. This includes deployments across over 20 diverse crop types including:





















Initial customer deployments of GroGuru breakthrough WUGS solutions started in 2019, and GroGuru is now deployed in several key geographies across the United States. Exsisting customers represent over one million deployable acres, and GroGuru’s market channel footprint is over 20 million acres.

We are Faced with a Massive Global Problem

 We are faced with a global problem of catastrophic proportions where we have too many people, and not enough food or water.

There are 800 million chronically undernourished people in the world today, we are already using 70 percent of the global fresh water supply for agriculture irrigation, and we need to increase food production by 70 percent by the year 2050 just to keep pace with population growth (Source: FAO).

Optimal irrigation is required to maximize crop yield, and save water and other scarce resources in a sustainable way. GroGuru’s breakthrough irrigation management solution enables farmers to optimally irrigate their crops, and make more money.

How Do Farmers Manage Water Today?

Farmers use a variety of methods for making water management decision, but only about 10 percent of farmers in the U.S. are using soil sensors today, according to the FDA. Farmers that are using this technology are seeing increased crop yield and more efficient use of water and other resources, However, nearly all soil moisture sensors in the market today use cables from the sensors in the ground to the above ground telemetry. This requires annual installation and removal of the sensors in field crops like corn, soybeans, cotton, wheat, sorghum, and alfalfa. Even in fruit and nut trees and other perennial crops, many farmers do not want any cable based systems around their crops during harvest. GroGuru solves this problem by eliminating these cables.

The GroGuru Solution Enables a Permanent Installation

GroGuru enables a permanent installation model for soil sensors using our Continuous Root Zone Monitoring (CRM) soil sensor probes that integrate GroGuru’s patented Wireless Underground System (WUGS) technology. This product dramatically reduces total cost of ownership, improves scalability, and gives farmers year-round data that is critical for strategic irrigation management. 

The GroGuru solution is buried below the till depth and has a five year battery life. It communicates via our proprietary wireless underground system, without cables, to an easy to remove 4G/LTE above ground telemtry unit that uses CAT-M1 technlogy, to connect directly to the Cloud. Over time, we will add other information about soil type, crop type and weather and apply machine learning to make recommendations to farmers about when and how much to irrigate. We provide the strategic irrigation recommendations via a simple user interface. 




Key Aspects of GroGuru’s Products

Easy to Install

Installation of the field units are very intuitive and take less than 20 minutes. With permanent installation, the units can be installed during the dormant season when you have more time and labor is not as scarce.

Easy to Use

Information and recommendations available on your desktop, laptop, tablet or your iOS or Android mobile device via our easy to use web app or mobile app.

Strategic Water Management

GroGuru provides agronomy support and our machine learning and AI algorithms, along with year round data with perm install, provide better information on soil type, crop templates, root density and other factors that impact when and how much to irrigation your crops.

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