GroGuru is helping farmers measure correct levels of water and salinity in their crop’s soil. This revolutionary technology will change the way farmers grow! In this video co-founder Farooq explains how GroGuru got started, talking about his previous company, meeting co-founder Jeff Campbell, and deciding together to change the lives of farmers. Listen to the story:

“As you can see from my background, I’m not an agriculturist. At my previous company, one of the verticals we were looking at is agriculture. We could see some potential there. I was also having some challenges because I don’t have a green thumb, I have a brown thumb. I was killing plants. We moved from an apartment and bought a house. I was looking at the water bill. I was looking at the garden that I had to maintain.

Those things combined got me interested in the ag vertical. I started looking at sensors and realized the potential. Farmers need a lot of help in order to grow food for the next billion people that we’re expecting. I also got in touch with Jeff Campbell, the co-founder, who has been a soil scientist for nearly 30 years. He’s been an agronomist by experience for many years. We said that we wanted to make a difference in the life of farmers. That’s where GroGuru started.”

-Farooq Anjum, co-founder