Jeff Campbell, PhD

Jeff Campbell, PhD

Chief Technology Officer and Vice President, Co-Founder


Dr. Campbell has been a scientist, research, and inventor for over 25 years in the field of soil monitoring, soil data interpretation, and below ground telemetry. He has extensive experience in both sensor design, telemetry systems, and interpreting soil data in both a lab and field setting and is an expert in the design of low power sensors for soil monitoring and is considered one of the world’s leading expert in soil sensor technologies.  

Dr. Campbell has developed and assisted in the production, deployment, and interpretation of soil monitoring networks in agriculture for Vitel, Inc. (now Steven’s Water), Advanced Sensor Technologies, UgMO, as a consultant, and at GroGuru.  Many of his designs are successful commercial products such as the Steven’s Hydraprobe.  He is an inventor of 19 US patents.

Dr. Campbell received a Ph.D. in physics from Dartmouth College studying the electromagnetic properties of soils which has directly led to deployed soil monitoring networks.  

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