In this interview with Patrick Henry, CEO and Dr. Jeff Campbell, GroGuru’s Chief Science Officer, they discuss the most effective, and efficient way to insert them into your soil. The GroGuru sensors monitor soil salinity and EC, and are easy to install. Contact us for a quote for your individual growing needs.

Patrick: I know that our soil probes have three prongs. Is it best to insert those horizontally or vertically in the grow medium or soil?

Jeff: The sensors will work in any orientation, but we recommend that you install them horizontally. The reason for that is that it interferes the least with the natural flow of water up and down through the soil profile.

Patrick: It’s for gravity purposes.

Jeff: Right. By installing it horizontally in the middle of your container, you get the best average reading of the moisture in your container.

Patrick: How do I combine the measurements of soil salinity and soil moisture together to better manage irrigation for crop growth in the outgrow market, like perennial crops or row crops?

Jeff: You can avoid over irrigation. We know what the penalties are. You waste power. You waste a scarce resource, water. You waste fertilizer. Plus, you can exacerbate disease issues. Let’s suppose that you manage irrigation perfectly. You’re applying only the water the plants need. Every time you add water, you’re carrying some salts in the water. Those get deposited over time.
If you go too perfectly with irrigation management and you don’t have a lot of natural rainfall, you’ll get salts that build up in the soil. You don’t want to get to the point where those salts impact the yield or crop quality. Particularly in the West, you have to balance those two issues against each other. You want irrigation to be efficient, but you don’t want to take a hit on yield by salinity.


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